Our Services

Whether you are looking at full service solutions or single project assistance, Integral Information Systems is ready to make it work. Discover how our services will improve your productivity.
Our experience with small implementations to enterprise wide projects has given us a unique understanding of the existing gaps in technology. We have combined this experience with our knowledge of Document Detection, Advanced OCR-Data Extraction, Data Conversion and Mapping to any number of systems for connection and integration.

  • NSI – Workflow tool that integrates to both the PC desktop and MFP
  • Abby OCR engine and tools
  • Centerprise Workflow Engine
  • SQL and API tools from most core systems
  • Support and integration to all content management systems
  • Fujitsu & Xerox Scanners
  • MFP’s – Support with all major manufacturers
Services include onsite or offsite contracted scanning and are customized to include any or all of the tools and integration provided in our ECM Scanning, Data Mapping/Transformation and Integration services.

Useful information that integrates to your ECM or ERP systems is the key. Our services can include the labor, tools and necessary expertise to facilitate each aspect of the project.

Utilizing industry leading tools from both HP and Xerox, our expertise will help build a print strategy from end to end. The best solution is one that accounts for everything and rarely has an issue that is not under control.

  • Simplified assessment with an outcome tailored to save time and money
  • Supply of printers and MFP’s from HP and Xerox
  • Dashboard for device monitoring
  • Automated logistics for supplies and paper
  • Support and integration to all content management systems
  • Complete implementation services including onsite install, training, service and integration
Flexible communication is possible. Unified voice and data communications bring new possibilities and superior capabilities to your communication mediums.

Within your single, secure platform, instant collaboration is possible no matter where you are.

Increase the effectiveness of every employee and reduce communication delays by adding Voice Over IP to your business tools.

A review of your current IT architecture or the creation of a new solution will accelerate your business success through optimization and new efficiency. We complete a detailed assessment of your existing environment, and then scale the solution to meet your goals and budget. With a clear blueprint for IT architecture, you can:

  • Proactive solutions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Unified solutions
Loss of data could cripple your business.

Backup and disaster recovery planning are essential to the continuity of your work. Let our experts create a plan that allows you to work without worry. We present cutting edge solutions and proven methods of securing your data.

A small investment now can guarantee your future. We provide:

  • Preventative strategies for data protection
  • Overall assessment of backup and business practices
  • Industry leading solutions
We understand how your business requirements can be met with reliable network technology. Our team of experts will design efficient network architecture based on a coherent strategy that spans network systems to unified communications. Our design expertise promises an optimal, long-term plan delivered and implemented.

  • Proactive solutions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Unified solutions
The growth of your business requires an IT strategy that meets both your current and future needs. Whether you have a variety of systems that are costing valuable time with maintenance and coordination, or your IT needs have changed, our team of consultants can evaluate and recommend a solution that fits.

  • Industry standard best practices
  • Streamline process and communication
  • Automate tasks
  • Reduce overhead
  • Onsite services
  • Rapid setup and configuration
  • Maintain continuity with a custom solution
  • Full asset tagging/tracking solutions that integrate with your systems